Yorkshire Electrical Services Ltd

Company History and Policy Information

The company was formed in 1978 by two Design Engineers, Michael Jackson and Steve Boyes and originally offered a design service. Customer demand led to the introduction of a manufacturing section to translate the bespoke designs into finished products. An order for the design and manufacture of a large quantity of communication consoles led to the company renting a small workshop. Further expansion led to the conversion of the workshop into offices and an increase in the stores and workshop to over 1500 square feet.


In 1985 Yorkshire Electrical Services became a limited company.


Many of the company's early projects were electro-mechanical but in later years the emphasis shifted to electronics and custom designed electronic sub-assemblies and products accounted for over 60% of the order book. Many of these products were micro-processor based. To support this, CAD/CAM technology was introduced and used extensively.  


The company had been involved in the design and manufacture of equipment for the asbestos removal industry since the very early days but in 2002 the company decided to market its own design of negative pressure monitor and launched the CM3-50. In 2010 the the decision was taken to cease production of other products and to concentrate on the CM3-50 and its accessories.

Customer demand led to the development of the CM3+ which was launched in 2015 and replaced the popular CM3-50 unit. The CM3+ has many new features and uses the latest technology and production techniques.

Yorkshire Electrical Services has developed an international business with its key partners for more than 10 years. The growth of our business, both domestically and internationally, continues to be the focus for the business going forward.

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