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CM2-KLAX Remote Sounders - Overview

The Remote Sounder is for use in areas of high ambient noise where the built in sounder fitted to the CM3-50 may not be heard. It has a choice of alarm tones and the volume is adjustable. The unit is compact and durable and is supplied complete with a 4 metre cable and connection plug. The Remote Sounder operates in tandem with the internal sounder on the CM3+. On low and high alarms the internal and remote sounders will be silenced when the alarm silence button on the CM3+ control panel is pressed.

Product reference CM2-KLAX-M.

The Remote Sounder is compatible with the CM2 and CM3-50 Pressure Monitors







10 cm diameter and 8 cm high


0.3 Kg


Colour - white. Weatherproof rating IP65

Sound Output

103 dB at 1 metre

Electrical Rating

12 V 5 mA

Available tones

Warble, sweep, pip and continuous