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Product Range

The product range comprises the CM3+ Pressure Monitor and recorder and accessories. Click the buttons on the right for more information on these products.

CM3+ Pressure Monitor and recorder


The CM3+ is the latest in a long line of products that can be traced back to 1985. The CM3+ measures ultra-low pressures and helps to ensure safe working when handling toxic materials. The display provides detailed information that make setting up and operating the work area easy and the paper printout and downloadable digital data can be kept as a record of the project. The CM3+ gives audible and visual warning of abnormal pressures within the work area and can be fitted with an SMS messaging facility to send warnings of abnormal pressures direct to your mobile phone. Battery backup is fitted as standard.


CM2-PSU Power Switching Unit


The Power Switching Unit allows the CM3+ to control heavy duty equipment or plant that operates at mains supply voltages. The unit is available in 110V and 230/240V versions to suit the voltages present on most sites.



CM2-KLAX Remote Sounder


The Remote Sounder is for use in areas of high ambient noise where the built in sounder fitted to the CM3+ may not be heard. The Remote Sounder can be silenced by pressing the CM3+ silence pushbutton.


Legacy Products

Detailed information on products that are no longer in production.