Yorkshire Electrical Services Ltd

CM2-PSU Power Switching Units

The Power Switching Unit allows the CM3+ to control heavy duty equipment or plant that operates at mains supply voltages. The robust power connectors conform to IEC309 & BS EN.060309-2. The unit is available in two versions to suit the voltages present on most sites.

CM2-PSU110 - suitable for switching loads rated at 110 V 16 A 50/60 Hz

CM2-PSU240 - suitable for switching loads rated at 230/240 V 16 A 50/60 Hz

Each version has an input and an outlet for the supply and the load connections. An isolated low voltage connection cable connects the Power Switching Unit to the CM3+ and the unit has a reset pushbutton and power in and power out indicator LEDs.  

The Power Switching Unit is compatible with the CM2 and CM3-50 Pressure Monitors.





21 cm long x 13 cm wide x  15 cm high


1 Kg

Power input/output CM2-PSU110

110 V 16 A Single phase LNE 50/60 Hz

Power Iinput/output CM2-PSU240

230/240 V 16 A Single phase LNE 50/60 Hz


Complete with control connection cable and power input and output connectors